"General" Karolína Šarköziová

"General" Karolína Šarköziová


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At 84 years old, widow Karolína Šarköziová has seen a lot -- World War II, giving birth to 14 children and becoming a great grandmother too many times to count. As her son Aladár Šarközi has said, "My mother is the general of the family. The rest of us are her soldiers."

It is a title Karolína wears proudly. She and her granddaughter run a household in central Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia with four generations under one roof.

This great grandmother's life is not about to slow down. She continues to teach the Roma family traditions to her descendants -- not just the power of a large family, but also the gypsy rhythms and dance moves of her youth.

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