Project Director: Tihomir Loza

Project Coordinating Committee:

Ioana Avadani, Executive Director, Centrul pentru Jurnalism Independent, Romania
Rast'o Kuzel, Executive Director, MEMO98, Media Monitoring, Slovakia
Tihomir Loza, Deputy Director, Transitions, Czech Republic
Ilona Móricz, Director, Center for Independent Journalism, Hungary
Ognian Zlatev, Managing Director, Media Development Center, Bulgaria

Executive Producer: Rich Beckman, Professor and Knight Chair in Visual Journalism, University of Miami

Design Director: Kim Grinfeder, Assistant Professor, School of Communication, University of Miami

Programming Director: Daniel Cloud, Senior Programmer, Knight Center for International Media, University of Miami

Story Coaches:


Bucharest, Romania and Budapest, Hungary: Travis Fox, Emmy Award winning Filmmaker and Journalist, NYC

Sofia, Bulgaria and Bratislava, Slovakia: Rich Beckman and Trevor Green, Senior Video Editor & Operations Assistant, Knight Center for International Media, University of Miami
Prague, Czech Republic: Rich Beckman and Jim Seida, Senior Producer,


Local Story Coaches:

Czech Republic: Karolina Ryvolová
Bulgaria: Denitsa Surudjiiska
Hungary: Nóra Horváth
Slovakia: Stanislava Benická



Bucharest, Romania and Sofia, Bulgaria: Rich Beckman and Jim Seida

Bratislava, Slovakia and Prague, Czech Republic: Candace Barbot, CEO / Founder of Pulp2Pixel Media Inc. and Rich Beckman

Budapest, Hungary: Rich Beckman and Ben de la Cruz, Emmy Award winning documentary video producer and reporter at The Washington Post

Local Trainers:


Bulgaria: Denitsa Surudjiiska
Czech Republic: Karolina Ryvolová
Hungary: Nóra Horváth, Bela Szandelszky
Romania: Constantin (Costel) Trofin
Slovakia: Stanislava Benická


Site Production Team:


Lauren Whiddon:  Assistant Producer and  video post production
Paul Franz: Video post production and project archiving
Nick Harbaugh: Design
Chi Yang: Programming and video compression
Lauren Malkani: Copy editor




Industrial expansion threatens a Roma village

Produced by: Nick Harbaugh, Ognyan Isaev, Desislava Todorova
Translated by: Ognyan Isaev


The mighty gift of rhythm

Produced by: Raycho Chaprazov, Lauren Santa Cruz, Velichka Tokmakova
Translated by: Raycho Chaprazov


No jobs because we are Roma

Produced by: George Markov, Nick Maslow, Tanya Stoyanova
Translated by: Denitsa Surudjiiska, Marina Stoimenova


Shoe black: a dying craft

Produced by: Paul Franz, Valeri Lekov, Hristo Nikolov
Translated by: Katia Blagoeva


We love each other

Produced by: Zlatina Dimitrova, Paula Echevarria, Biser Petrok
Translated by: Ognian Zlatev, Denitsa Surudjiiska


Czech Republic


Advocating education

Produced by: Paula Echevarria, Anna Kotkova, Jana Šustová
Translated by: Anna Kotkova


Avoiding the pitfalls of the street

Produced by: Daniel Bull, Mária Hušová, Markéta Skočovská
Translated by: Karolina Ryvolová, Markéta Skočovská, Martin Tengler


Coming out

Produced by: Jan Berousek, Nick Maslow, David Tišer
Translated by: Karolína Ryvolová


Dance from the Heart

Produced by: Frantisek Bikar, Lauren Santa Cruz, Martin Tengler
Translated by: Martin Tengler


A gate in the fence

Produced by: Tereza Freyová, Charles "Stretch" Ledford, Petra Zajdová
Translated by: Tereza Freyová




After the water receded

Produced by: Szilvia S. Kállai, Amadé Olivér Kormos, Lauren Whiddon
Translated by: Boga Elek, Nóra Horváth


Education in play through football

Produced by: Lauren Malkani, Ferenc Papinot, Péter Ádám Szabó
Translated by: Nóra Horváth


Embracing Roma culture

Produced by: Zsolt Balog, Daniel Bull, Eszter Málna Kovács
Translated by: Eszter Málna Kovács


A society free of prejudice

Produced by: Ilona Notar, Charles "Stretch" Ledford, Györgyi Rétfalvi
Translated by: Nóra Horváth


They call her Aunty Rozi

Produced by: Tímea Fauszt, Charles "Stretch" Ledford, Ivett Pozderka
Translated by: Béla Szandelszky




Afraid to say "I'm Roma"

Produced by: Danny Bull, Ionel Dancu, George Lăcătuş
Translated by: Ionel Dancu


"Gypsies are better than Romanians"

Produced by: Charles "Stretch" Ledford, Clara Stanescu, Petru Zoltan,
Translated by: Clara Stanescu


Sold into marriage at age 12

Produced by: Claudiu Creanga, Elana Tudor, Lauren Whiddon
Translated by: Elena Tudor


A struggle for quality health care

Produced by: Magda Barascu, Lauren Malkani
Translated by: Magda Barascu


A teen dreams of helping her people

Produced by: Oana Dan, Oana Sandu, Chi Yang
Translated by: Elena Tudor




Even God can't help

Produced by: Paul Franz, Katarína Šamajová, Jozef Šivák
Translated by: Katarína Šamajová


Forging a legacy

Produced by: Mária Demeová, Nick Harbaugh, Tomáš Štrba
Translated by: Mária Demeová


"General" Karolína Šarköziová

Produced by: Milan Berko, Zuzana Límová, Nick Maslow
Translated by: Zuzana Límová


Halfway there

Produced by: Stanislava Benicka, Lauren Santa Cruz, Eva Šimonovičová, Jozef Zeman
Translated by: Rasťo Kužel, Marek Mračka


Inspired to serve her community

Produced by: Paula Echevarria, Daniel Miko, Zoltán Rácz
Translated by: Martin Solotruk