Inspired to serve her community

Inspired to serve her community


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Lucia Horvathova has lived in the Roma village of Velka Lomnica her entire life. She is now 30, a widow and raising her four children, all alone. As an assistant nurse working in the village, she treats minor injuries, oversees the health of many children and mediates communication between doctors and the Roma.

She provides a vital link between her community and the world beyond the village.

Life in the Roma villages, dozens of which exist just outside the towns of eastern Slovakia, is by no means easy. Most of the villagers live in modest shacks which provide little shelter during pouring rain. Most  have no jobs, education or basic social skills.

It is from her children that Lucia draws the strength and resolve to pursue her job as a medical assistant. She feels that her mission sets an example not only for her children, but also for the entire community as they strive to build a better future.

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